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Plant Lady || Gardener || Archaeologist

Instead of excavating in Portugal or interning in Greece, I’ve spent time this summer cultivating my garden. By the end of my first year in college, I fell in love with tending to my succulents and my more exotic house plants (like my pineapple plant!) I alternate between zones 8a and 7a for school, so I know the struggle of lugging my plants between multiple locations and trying to keep exotic plants alive in colder climates (some of my attempts have failed – and it’s okay!)

about - plant peoples
about - plant peoples

One day early on during the quarantine, my good friend – who knows about my obsession with plants – texted me about his Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans), who was not doing too well. His leaves had developed brown tips, and some were even yellowing. I searched the internet for answers; however, no website had exactly what I was looking for. During this process, I knew I wanted to create a space to post answers to questions I have had about plants and how I take care of plants. Thus, The Plant Peoples was created. Join me in my adventures of caring for my plants and as I document my experiments. Welcome, my fellow plant peoples!